The HearUSA Difference

Why HearUSA?

Meet HearUSA, the nation’s ONLY independently accredited hearing care organization. We’re accredited as a Health Network by URAC and have demonstrated our competencies in several key organizational functions that are important for any provider of health care, including: organizational structure; staff qualifications; training and management; oversight of delegated activities; quality management; and consumer protection. “We applaud HearUSA on achieving URAC Health Network Accreditation,” said Alan P. Spielman, URAC president and CEO. “In today’s health care market, URAC accreditation provides a mark of distinction for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality health care.”

Why? Because we care enough to voluntarily meet high standards and demonstrate our commitment to continuous quality improvement. For over 25 years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of thirty party payers, benefit sponsors and employer groups to provide affordable access to quality hearing care. HearUSA is an experienced leader in the delivery of hearing care products and services:

  • Customer service
  • Credentialing
  • Outcomes management
  • Claims processing and administration
  • Network management
  • Quality control and standard of care
  • Member education
  • Payer arrangements
  • Data management and reporting
  • Network development

Why offer a Hearing Care Plan?

Why offer a Hearing Care Plan?

  • To attract new members and improve member satisfaction
  • To provide state or federally mandated coverage
  • To lower direct healthcare costs – save up to 50% on exams and digital hearing aids
  • To lower indirect healthcare costs – hearing loss contributes to depression, dementia, falls, and other costly medical conditions
  • To improve member outcomes
  • To add a low cost benefit in an environment of increasing benefit costs
  • To create a market differentiator
  • To enhance Medicare products
  • To address the detrimental impact of noise in the workplace
  • To recognize the needs of an aging workforce

Hearing loss is an epidemic and vital healthcare issue.

  • 36 million Americans suffer from hearing loss
  • Hearing loss is linked to lessened health status, dementia, increased risk of falling, depression and social isolation
  • To improve medication and treatment plan compliance through improved communication abilities
  • Less than 25% of those that would benefit from hearing aids use them
  • People with hearing loss are more likely to suffer from overall lessened health status and more frequent medical conditions
  • Quality of life is improved with the use of hearing aids

An Experienced Leader

The HearUSA Difference

HearUSA has the flexibility and experience to administer the plan that you need. From member services and eligibility files to claims processing and encounter reporting, our experienced team will partner with your organization to provide great care at discounted prices.

  • Over 2000 licensed audiologists and hearing aid dispensers
  • Plan options include:
    • – ASO
    • – Capitation
    • – Value Add Discount plans - with fixed fees and no nebulous discounting
    • – Financial Need Plans