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Welcome to the HearUSA Hearing Care Network. As a member of a hearing care program, you have access to the HearUSA Hearing Care Network providing professional hearing care and the latest technology that can enhance your quality of life.

A complete hearing examination is not only important for the early detection of hearing loss, it is also the basis for an appropriate treatment recommendation. When you receive services from a HearUSA hearing care professional, we pledge the following:

  • Personal care and attention by qualified providers who are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in providing clinically appropriate hearing care.
  • A belief that hearing loss is a serious life issue that is deserving of quality providers, products and services.
  • To continuously seek improved hearing care for you and your family.

Hearing loss ranks as the third most chronic condition in older Americans after arthritis and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, it is often undetected and untreated. And although it is more prevalent in older adults, hearing loss can happen at any age.

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To evaluate your hearing, take a moment and complete the Instant Hearing Evaluation, which will help you assess if you are experiencing some degree of hearing loss.

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